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FortiGate 200 Series

The FortiGate-200 Antivirus Firewall provides the best combination of performance and value for small businesses and branch offices. It includes an internal hard drive for logging and analysis of usage and attacks. The FortiGate-200 antivirus firewall is easily managed in both stand-alone and multi-site applications, and is fully compatible with all members of the scalable FortiGate family.

  • Internal logging capabilities are built into the FortiGate-200 through internal, high capacity hard drive
  • Features Internal, External and DMZ interfaces for basic network segregation

The FortiGate-200A Antivirus Firewall is an ideal solution for small to medium sized businesses. The FortiGate-200A platform features dual WAN link support for redundant internet connections, and an integrated 4-port switch that eliminates the need for an external hub or switch, giving networked devices a direct connection to the FortiGate-200A unit.

  • Delivers high performance for small to mid-sized organizations that require real-time network security services
  • Features 4 routed 10/100 interfaces with a 4-port Internal switch interface

The FortiGate-224B delivers port-level access control that combines traditional FortiOS security technologies with layer 2 switching hardware to create an effective access layer edge security solution.

  • The FortiGate-224B enforces security policy at the network access layer to provide protection against intrusion attempts, viruses, worms, denial of service attacks, spyware and blended threats.
  • The FortiGate-224B provides maximum performance by tightly integrating a wirespeed Layer 2 switch with Fortinet's real-time FortiASIC network processor.

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