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Be Proactive. Prevent. Protect your network.

In order for your network to run well, all components must work properly. InfoMetrics preventative maintenance packages take care of components such as computers, PDAs, servers, devices (hubs, switches, routers etc.) software and other network connected hardware devices to ensure business continuity through network support. Consult with our sales team to select a maintenance package that will fit your needs.

Benefits of Preventative Maintenance
  • Keeps all systems current, preventing conflicts between software and hardware.
  • Ensure business continuity with reduced network downtime.
  • Ensure that firewall and antivirus programs are working correctly.
  • Increased reliability and lifespan of equipment.
  • Timely routine repairs mean less large repairs and secondary failures.
  • When hardware and software are kept current, manufacturer support is easier to obtain.
  • Software and hardware patches are made available from manufacturers throughout the year and we ensure they are updated as required.
  • Having a dedicated technician allows comfort as they become dedicated to your company, goals, programs and timelines.
  • Along with purchased hourly packages, you receive monthly maintenance reports which include work orders of what procedures had taken place and the solution.
  • InfoMetrics has access to the industry’s top supporting technical companies including Microsoft.

Network Protect information sheet.

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