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Hardware Acquisition

Consult. Select. Purchase.

Adopting a strong network strategy can sometimes be an intimidating task. Trust the professionals at InfoMetrics to help you select and implement hardware, software, and other network related components. Through selecting the right products, you can ensure more efficient integration and efficient use of the network resources. Whether you are looking purchase desktops or networking devices, depend on us to the most effective IT solutions for your business.

Review. Assess. Plan.

Helping our clients formulate a successful network strategy begins with the completion of a network analysis, which details your existing infrastructure, individual systems, application needs, and your present operating environment. We will work directly with you to assess your long and short term automation goals, and devise a plan to achieve them. We will work within your budget and assess the steps to take and the order in which they should be implemented. We will assist in decisions on what is most important and priority and we will advise in what implementations can take place at a future time if necessary.

We will review everything from physical connections and topological structure to security, file structure and user accounts to be integrated into the plan. We can assess what applications would best benefit your business and which are necessary. We will determine what the requirements of your business are and the best way to utilize a network to form a lucrative and efficient solution.

InfoMetrics Systems Analysis and Design Approach

  • Review your existing network layout and functionality.
  • Through an interactive process, assess current and long term IT needs.
  • Create a structured plan and time line of network strategy implementation.
  • Provide critical feedback and advice for meeting your goals.
  • Implement primary network strategy goals.
  • Follow-up implementation with quality customer care.
  • Re-visit long term network goals.


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